Mobile payment behaviors and preferences in Ouagadougou

We partnered with DuniaPay, an African fintech company to hear potential users express their thoughts, behaviors and habits towards mobile banking and online payments - particularly those who save, active traders and merchants.

The study was conducted in May 2020 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. We chose to release it publicly in light of their recent product launch resulting directly from the insights of our research.

Insights from this study show that mobile money is mainly used as a way to keep money, rather than to pay for goods. This report offers recommendations to secure the youth segment of the population, as well as creating a new experience of merchant payments to drive interest for online payments.

Top 5 key findings

95% of respondents use mobile money

80% of respondents with mircofinance accounts are women

Only 12% use mobile money for merchant payments

78% have never made an online payment

When picking a mobile money service, "ease of use" is the deciding factor for 54%

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Mobile payment behaviors and preferences in Ouagadougou