Fears and Reactions to COVID-19 in Dakar

This quantitative research by LOOKA, a data collection service powered by YUX, is based on a sample of 252 residents in Dakar and its suburbs, who express their fears, needs and reactions to the coronavirus pandemic.  This report is made freely available in both English and French as an expression of our solidarity in the face of the rapidly mounting COVID-19 threat in Africa.

We hope that the data provided here and its analysis will serve to provide orientation, spark more initiatives and favor public-private partnerships in Senegal and beyond to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Top 5 key findings

88% of respondents are worried or very worried

25% already can no longer work

75% are willing to or already receive all payments through mobile transfers

51% wish for a home-delivery platform

33% are struggling to find bread, 49% hand sanitizer, 29% masks

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Fears and Reactions to COVID-19 in Dakar