COVID-19 in West Africa: Reactions to The New Normal

Despite low rates of infection compared to other regions, the COVID-19 crisis has not spared Africans economically. Cases are mounting at an increased rate but so is the economic pressure. Governments are easing restrictions and life is kicking back up, while citizens learn to "live with the virus". 

The Political Dialogue West Africa Program (PDWA) of the Konrad- Adenauer-Stiftung commissioned LOOKA, to interview 1,500 people in Conakry, Cotonou and Lomé and ask to express their views on the handling of the COVID-19 crisis so far — what needs to improve? What are their expectations of the shape of things to come? 

This study was conducted in 7 days from June 18 to June 25, by over 30 surveyors in each country. The objective is to provide a timely update at a turning point in the COVID crisis management, as the region transitions towards a "new normal".

Top 5 key findings

63% do not how to get tested for COVID-19

47% believe the worst is to come

For 61% the virus was created in a lab

49% would be against getting vaccinated

57% are in favor of reopening airports

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COVID-19 in West Africa: Reactions to The New Normal