“Plastic Law” Perceptions and Expectations in Dakar

This study is the result of a partnership between LOOKA, a market research service for Africa powered by YUX, and the Association Zéro Déchet Sénégal, which campaigns for the reduction and sustainable management of waste. 

This report is based on a sample of 206 residents in Dakar and its suburbs, namely 105 consumers and 101 merchants. They express their priorities, alternatives and environmental engagement in light of the senegalese “Plastic Law”, which bans various forms of non-reusable plastic and came into force on April 20th, 2020.

We hope that the data provided here and its analysis will serve to inform the implementation of the “Plastic Law” in the COVID-19 context and sustainable waste management in Senegal. This report is made freely available in both English and French.

Top 5 key findings

For 81% of respondents the "Plastic Law" is not a priority in the COVID-19 context

41% of merchants fear their revenue will be weakened by the "Plastic Law"

49% of consumers don't know alternatives to plastic

Over 1/3 already engage in neighborhood clean ups

72% of consumers currently notice positive environmental changes

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“Plastic Law” Perceptions and Expectations in Dakar